1.Surprise attack 11(00:17; 5 Views) —
2.Surprise attack 26(00:08; 7 Views) —
3.Conflict causing statue(00:11; 3 Views) —
4.Fake Mechanic Prank(01:35; 42 Views) —
5.Lift my Cup Prank(01:26; 4 Views) —

Police Pranking People On Stop...

Would You Have This Yucky Eye ...
Exotic Animals Attack(02:15; 2 Views)
Blowing Bubbles On People In P...(01:59; 3 Views)
Switching Genders on the stree...(02:40; 10 Views)
Would you fall for this Invici...(02:15; 4 Views)
Would you have this fresh head...(02:11; 0 Views)
Hit and dissappear man in the ...(02:19; 2 Views)
Can you massage a strangers le...(02:40; 1 Views)
Indian Snake Attack from no wh...(01:09; 1 Views)
Nasty Cashier cutting customer...(02:41; 0 Views)
Military Attack on the street ...(01:57; 0 Views)
Man stuck in the trunk prank(01:57; 0 Views)
Would you get served by this s...(02:01; 1 Views)
Careless Mother throwing her ...(01:59; 2 Views)

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