1.Happy Valentine's day(00:41; 229 Views)
2.Bad Market(04:01; 1300 Views)
3.Cond*m Ballon(00:50; 268 Views)
4.Professor Johnbull(01:49; 1136 Views)
5.You Should Run Away From Talka...(01:00; 27 Views)

Make Up Is An Identity Changer

Nigerians Are Very Smart Peopl...
All That Gliters Is Not Gold(00:59; 17 Views)
Hollywood Walk Of Fame Causing...(00:53; 1 Views)
Toothpaste Guinea Pig(00:50; 1 Views)
Igbo House Husband(01:00; 5 Views)
Buy One Get Six Free Facial Sc...(00:43; 7 Views)
Food Is The Main Matter For An...(01:00; 5 Views)
Don'T Be Carried Away By The I...(02:02; 1 Views)
Value Your Colour And Don'T En...(00:59; 7 Views)
Some Obituary Caption Though(01:00; 1 Views)
When You Choose To See Your En...(01:00; 4 Views)
When American Visa Has Fake An...(01:00; 1 Views)
When You Toast The Wrong Perso...(01:00; 10 Views)
When You Presh Focus And You A...(00:56; 15 Views)

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