1.The Laundry Boyfriend(04:38; 81 Views) —
2.Arresting a big boy(01:38; 74 Views) —
3.Impersonating Kanmi(00:55; 62 Views) —
4.Temple run with the devil(02:57; 69 Views) —
5.Breakup Money Transfer(01:09; 59 Views) —

I don’t eat Frog

Klepto goes for delieverance
Men that like's Trouble(01:33; 49 Views)
Weight lifting dad(00:45; 55 Views)
Billy worship parody(01:09; 62 Views)
Types of pastors(00:30; 94 Views)
Funny things girls post(02:34; 81 Views)
Audition gone wrong(00:55; 70 Views)
By force repentance(01:37; 79 Views)
Who Coaches Chelsea FC?(00:27; 57 Views)
The broken hearted girls(04:14; 59 Views)
Prize giving day(00:41; 61 Views)
Oversabi Guy Audition(02:38; 42 Views)
CAN MESS KILL(01:42; 43 Views)
Breakfast in bed gone wrong(01:03; 7 Views)

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