1.Kids say the darndest things(04:00; 295 Views)
2.Toasting Airport Girls(02:51; 558 Views)
3.Rules for making jokes(01:58; 83 Views)
4.Shupere usher version(03:43; 242 Views)
5.How Big Big Aunty Takes Pictur...(01:02; 232 Views)

Nigerian clubs and American cl...

Igbo man tries to speak yoruba
What is the future of Nigerian...(05:11; 45 Views)
Music industry saga(05:06; 31 Views)
Nigerians Change citizenship w...(01:43; 14 Views)
Bovi lost his mom(03:53; 48 Views)
Kids say the darndest things(04:00; 295 Views)
The sound of the ATM tells how...(05:21; 33 Views)
Prayers for sack letter and re...(00:46; 32 Views)
Shows and Table talks(05:04; 24 Views)
When what is sang is different...(01:39; 20 Views)
Yoruba men and their reactions...(05:08; 31 Views)
Appreciate those who give you ...(05:32; 18 Views)
Talks on how guys act in the c...(04:06; 8 Views)
Only Nigerian men spend money ...(03:18; 10 Views)

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